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Band Members  
When he's not up front singing for Artie Ball, James Cook enjoys designing and remodeling houses. Riding motorcycles has been a passion for quite a while, and making sculptural art is his first love.

  James Cook

Multi-talented Joe Ellison also drums for The Sunny Side Up Band. In his spare time he does construction.


  Joe Ellison
When Mike Jones isn't playing sax for Artieball and the Athens A-Train he's working on his sculpture and home renovations.
  Mike Jones
Colin Jones is finishing up his Masters at UGA when he's not playing trumpet for jazz ensembles.   Colin Jones
Multi-talented Steve Key plays guitar and writes songs for the band and works at UGA.   Steve Key

Dan Horowitz also plays bass in the long-running rock band Five-Eight.


  Dan Horowitz

Michael Wegner plays too many instruments to list here, and he works in so many other projects.. where to start??


  Michael Wegner
Founding member Brook Wills played with The Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band all over Europe and got us started many years ago. He's currently in law school!


  Brook Wills